Team Rubicon is a national organization and follows the same regional structure as FEMA.
Additionally, Regions I - V are grouped into Division 1 while Regions VI - X fall under Division 2.

Region I : ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI

Team Rubicon Participates in Harvard's Humanitarian Simulation

Six Region I members – four veterans from three branches of service and two awesome civilians – ... Read More »

Big Dig, Bigger Hearts

They came armed with rakes, shovels, and a great attitude we won’t soon forget. For nearly thre... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Dana
Regional Field Operations Manager John
Regional Planning Manager Joanne
Regional Membership Manager Adam
Regional Communications Manager Dana
Regional Engagement Manager Jill
Regional Finance Manager Paul
Regional Logistics Manager Alycia
Training Manager Alan
Regional Give-An-Hour Representative Jennifer

Region II : NY, NJ

2016 New York City Salute to Service Awards

On Tuesday, April 12, Team Rubicon hosted the 2016 New York City Salute to Service Awards. It's a sp... Read More »

Serve in Their Honor

I'm a Marine Corps veteran and over the years, I've been involved with several veteran organizations... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Jon
Regional Field Operations Manager KC
Regional Planning Manager Lauren
Regional Membership Manager Todd
Regional Communications Manager Marc
Regional Finance Manager Janelle
Regional Logistics Manager Pete
Regional Wellness Manager Lisa

Region III : DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV

Team Rubicon Grows Leaders

On a sunny July day last year, I arrived at Team Rubicon’s National Headquarters in Los Angeles to... Read More »

Start with Why

I’ve been told I ask a lot of questions. Always in search for answers, my favorite question is “... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Amanda
Regional Field Operations Manager David
Regional Planning Manager Marc
Regional Communications Manager Lourdes
Regional Engagement Manager Gina
Regional Finance Manager Heather
Regional Training Manager Mike
Regional Technology Manager Jeffrey
Regional Wellness Manager Michelle
Regional Membership Manager Pat

Region IV : FL, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY

Standing By in Mississippi

After more than 20 tornadoes touched down across several states in the South, Regions IV and VI con... Read More »

Our TRibe

Tribe: a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by s... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Bob
Regional Field Operations Manager Michael
Regional Engagement Manager James
Regional Membership Manager Jeremy
Regional Communications Manager Reagan
Regional Finance Manager David
Regional Training Manager Anthony
Regional Logistics Manager Jim

Region V : MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH

Serving Detroit via MOBEX Motor City

Six years ago, when a few Marines and medics were moving across Haiti trying to provide help after ... Read More »

Train Like We Fight: MOBEX Motor City

We train like we fight, so when we're not in the field, we head to the batting cage to perfect our... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Mike
Regional Field Operations Manager Kyle
Regional Membership Manager Cort
Regional Communications Manager Ashley
Regional Engagement Manager Drew
Regional Finance Manager Kyle
Regional Logistics Manager Nick
Regional Training Manager Jamie
Regional Planning Manager Patrick
Regional Technology Manager Glen

Region VI : TX, NM, OK, AR, LA

Update on Houston Flooding

Beginning April 17, a major storm system hit the state of Texas and severe flooding is affecting tho... Read More »

Update on Tornado Outbreak in the South

As a severe storm system makes its way across the eastern half of the country, Region VI is gatherin... Read More »

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Regional Administrator JJ
Regional Field Operations Manager Brian
Regional Planning Manager Kaleb
Regional Membership Manager Molly
Regional Communications Manager Spencer
Regional Engagement Manager Benjamin
Regional Finance Manager John
Regional Logistics Manager John
Regional Training Manager Steven
Regional Technology Manager Jerritt

Region VII : NE, IA, KS, MO

Training Served Hot: MOBEX Trigger

When we're not responding to disasters, we're practicing, training, and fine-tuning, and we've got a... Read More »

A Marriage Made in Seven

I signed up for Team Rubicon just before the Moore, OK tornado in May of 2013, but I say I joined Te... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Carol
Regional Field Operations Manager Chris
Regional Membership Manager Jaime
Regional Communications Manager Christopher
Regional Engagement Manager Victoria
Regional Finance Manager April
Regional Logistics Manager Kyle
Regional Training Manager Jay

Region VIII : MT, ND, SD, WY, UT, CO

I Found Real Adventure Through Wildland Firefighting

Wildland firefighting is a real adventure. In a time where we can find the answer to anythi... Read More »

This is My Team

I was recently asked, "Don't you ever get tired of volunteering for all these things?" The answer... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Jonas
Regional Planning Manager Lisa
Regional Membership Manager Travis
Regional Communications Manager Heather
Regional Engagement Manager Duke
Regional Finance Manager Eli
Regional Logistics Manager Norman
Regional Training Manager Pat
Regional Technology Manager Holly

Region IX : CA, NV, AZ, HI

We Rise by Lifting Others

At the worst moment of your life when you aren’t sure how you’re going to get through today, let... Read More »

Remembering John Chung (1975-2014)

John Chung was born in Seoul, South Korea on May 25, 1975. At 3 years old, John's family moved to B... Read More »

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Interim Regional Administrator Michael Gorham
Regional Field Operations Manager Sam
Regional Planning Manager Scott
Regional Membership Manager John
Regional Communications Manager Raymond
Regional Finance Manager Jason
Regional Logistics Manager Jim
Regional Training Manager Gordon
Regional Technology Manager Chris

Region X : AK, WA, OR, ID

Politics Aside

As a new member of the Team Rubicon staff who just happened to start the week prior to Election Day ... Read More »

You Don't Have to Deploy to be on the Team

I joined Team Rubicon just under two years ago, and today I'm sitting in Aberdeen, Washington, home... Read More »

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Regional Administrator Aaron
Regional Field Operations Manager Shawna
Regional Communications Manager Elizabeth
Regional Engagement Manager Glen
Regional Finance Manager Tegan
Regional Logistics Manager Scott
Regional Training Manager Josh
Regional Membership Manager Doug
Regional Planning Manager Jason
Regional Wellness Manager Alicia Sloan
Regional Technology Manager Michael Prill