Region I : ME, VT, NH, MA, CT, RI

In the Words of a Clay Hunt Fellow

Region 1 communications manager Dana Braverman sat down with Clay Hunt Fellow Ryan Ginty to get a p... Read More »

Q&A with Korengal Director Sebastian Junger

This past weekend, a group of nearly 30 Team Rubicon members gathered near Boston to see Sebastian ... Read More »

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Regional AdministrationSean Horgan[email protected]
Regional Field Operations ManagerNate Jacobs[email protected]
Regional Planning ManagerJoanne McGovern[email protected]
Regional Resources ManagerAdam Szafran[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerDana Braverman[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerRyan Ginty[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerDon Vardell[email protected]

Region II : NY, NJ

Ready, Aim...Aim Again

This past weekend, members of Region 2 headed to upstate New York to take part in a weekend of Wild... Read More »

Get on the Team

"Yeah, we're nuts." ... And with that, and maybe a few expletives, nearly 20 members of Team Rubicon... Read More »

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Regional Field Operations ManagerAndrew Esposito[email protected]
Regional Planning ManagerShaun So[email protected]
Regional Resource ManagerSteve Watson[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerJon Connors[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerTodd Adrian[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerPatrick Shaw[email protected]

Region III : DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV

Rommel Harley Davidson Poker Run on May 31

Not only do TR members and Harley Davidson riders share an affinity for loud engines and gnarly tats... Read More »

Setting the Pace in Pennsylvania

Veterans and civilians make up the big, service-minded family better known as TR Nation. Allow us to... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorBrian Buhman[email protected]
Regional Resource ManagerPat Otten[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerLourdes Tiglao[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerGina Bartolomeo[email protected]

Region IV : FL, MS, AL, GA, SC, NC, TN, KY

Family Matters

Michael Clancy, 19, is a volunteer member residing in Dickson, TN, about 40 miles outside of Nashvil... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorBob Obernier[email protected]
Regional Field Operations ManagerRob Ulrey[email protected]
Regional Planning ManagerDustin Cattani[email protected]
Regional Resource ManagerDavid Mears[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerBrian Scoles[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerDee Clancy[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerDavid Wheeler[email protected]

Region V : MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH

Q&A with Region 5 Administrator Bob Pries

Region 5 Communications Manager Pam Gieselman hit up Army veteran Bob Pries of Farmington Hills, IL,... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorBob Pries[email protected]
Regional Field Operations ManagerKyle Doyon[email protected]
Regional Resource ManagerJoe Helle[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerPam Gieselman[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerBrad Majaczyk[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerKevin Hough[email protected]

Region VI : TX, NM, OK, AR, LA

Get Your Kicks in Region 6

All the TR kids with the pumped up kicks - spring has sprung, along with storm season, and we've got... Read More »

Christa López Recalls Her First Date with TR

I was studying for a second Master’s degree in emergency and disaster management when a classmate ... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorJoe Quinto[email protected]
Regional Planning ManagerChrista Lopez[email protected]
Regional Resources ManagerKlebe Brumble[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerErica Chomsky[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerDan Patton[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerAnthony DiToma[email protected]

Region VII : NE, IA, KS, MO

Get to Know Region 7 Administrator Carol McCoy

Tell us about your new role as Region 7's Administrator and previous positions you've held with TR. ... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorCarol McCoy[email protected]
Regional Field Operations ManagerGarrett Ryan[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerChris Ryan[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerWill Train[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerMatt Charley[email protected]

Region VIII : MT, ND, SD, WY, UT, CO

Start Your Two-Stroke Engines

Last weekend, members of Region 8 got after some timber during a chainsaw training course in Jamesto... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorRyan Holman[email protected]
Regional Field Operations ManagerBreaux "Bro" Burns[email protected]
Regional Planning ManagerWilliam "T.J." Porter[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerChris Epps[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerOlivia Epps[email protected]
Regional Resources ManagerJesse Bucholtz[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerJordon Daniel[email protected]

Region IX : CA, NV, AZ, HI

Grandma's Fry Bread - James Sarabia Reflects on Operation: Rising Mesa

There’s something about our elder Americans that can grasp a young man’s soul quicker than the g... Read More »

Worth the Fight

I received an email through Team Rubicon detailing a service project to help a woman living in Hemet... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorAmanda McDonald[email protected]
Regional Field Operations ManagerSam Brokenshire[email protected]
Regional Planning ManagerGordon Rupp[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerShelly Smith[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerRoberto Amador[email protected]

Region X : AK, WA, OR, ID

Finding the Trifecta

Volunteering is a duality of service. When we serve others, we serve ourselves. I've volunteered thr... Read More »

Gratitude is Always Trending

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, we deploy a skilled, savvy crew of military veterans and f... Read More »

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Regional AdministratorRyan Mills[email protected]
Regional Planning ManagerJeremy Frazier[email protected]
Regional Resource ManagerDamon Faust[email protected]
Regional Communications ManagerSarah Nanbu[email protected]
Regional Program Operations ManagerLaurie Reiprich[email protected]
Regional Finance ManagerTegan Shermikas[email protected]